Chaos Kids and… photo time

A special occasion called, My Mom Came To Visit! just happened. It was a happy unexpected surprise. The two oldest Chaos Kids were in the musical Guys and Dolls Jr. this past weekend, so my mom thought to herself last week, “I want to see my grandkids in that musical. I think I’ll drive from Wisconsin to New York, by myself, with one broken wrist, because I miss my grandkids!” And that’s how the special occasion happened.

After the musical was over with we needed a big “last day grandma’s here” celebration. Namely, we needed Sunday brunch at the vineyard where I’m a part-time assistant chef. And since I didn’t have to do the assistant cheffing this weekend, we Brunched! I’ve been wanting to get the Chaos Kids to the vineyard for pictures on their gorgeously landscaped 40 acres. Due to time and activities and the fact that I’m running the kids to at least 4 or 5 activities a day… I put it out of my mind. I thought, “maybe fall… with all the pretty Northern New York fall colors in the background…”

So here we are, having gourmet brunch, living the life, surrounded by the prettiest view one can imagine. I decide it’s the perfect time to finally get my photographs. I mean, Chaos Louisa looks beautiful, Chaos Hunter is handsome as always… and Chaos Drew is spiffily dressed in his grunge shorts and Metallica t-shirt. What better time to get my Chaos Kids all together for a Christmas card photo?! Right?!

The following is what takes place during a “normal” Chaos Kids photo shoot. Be warned… it ain’t pretty. There are things that may shock you, but this is real life here, people!

crazy chaos collage

1. Chaos Louisa decides her “little brother’s” lap is where she will perch for her photo, and Hunter approaches refusing to put his shirt back on.

2. A scramble to gain control of the shirt and either A) give it back to mom, or B) run away with it, ensues.

3. Possession of the shirt changes hands a few times.

4. They believe they are ready for their group photo and think Hunter doesn’t need his shirt on to proceed.

5. Hunter is now cradled in his siblings arms, sucking his thumb, and they feel this is a good enough shot.

6. After Chaos Mommy denies their claim, the kids make one more mad scramble for the shirt and…

7. end up in a pile. on the ground.

8. Chaos Mommy overrules all monkey business and the shirt is back on Hunter’s little body. The Chaos Kids have seated themselves and are ready for a photo to be taken. Hunter believes that holding up Devil Horns is necessary for the photo’s success.

9. Chaos Drew lets Hunter know that it’s not appropriate and he should just look at Chaos Mommy so we can get this over with.

10. Chaos Hunter sees a bug and runs off… leaving his older siblings to ask him politely to get his behind back here so we can be done with this photo shoot already!

11. Chaos Hunter flashes a peace sign as his way of communicating that he’s all about love, not war, man.

12. The Chaos Kids are finally… <sigh> seated and awaiting their most perfect photo yet. Chaos Drew believes that being a smart alec will help in the photo’s success.

13. Yes! A perfect photo at last! This Chaos Mommy is beyond excited!
(Upon further examination it has been found that Chaos Drew’s eyes are indeed… closed.)

However…. after over FIFTY! Yes, FIFTY attempts, Chaos Mommy is happy to report that there is ONE picture that is worthy of a Christmas card. One. Out of fifty.

<sigh> Chaos Mommy wonders if the pretty Northern New York fall colors are going to be worth it.

And I’m not even going to show you what the whole family photo looks like. But somehow my husband, The Sarge, has decided that he doesn’t need to stand *with* the family in order to be included in the annual family photo.