Chaos Twisted Minion Cupcakes

minion cupcakes 4

I guess you could say that I’m jumping on the “Twinkie Minion” bandwagon. Except that we do not yet have Twinkies on our shelves, so I jumped on the “other brand golden cream filled cake Minion” bandwagon. They are just so cute, though! I couldn’t resist. We’ve been quoting the movie (DM2) non-stop since we saw it.

I actually had a dream the other night that prompted these cupcakes. I dreamed that I was in a grocery store and it was absolutely urgent that I find Twinkies to make Minion cupcakes for my son’s birthday. All the Twinkies were sold out, except for two smashed boxes. The grocery store clerk offered to sell them to me for a discount. I seriously thought about it, but had to run off to my first day at a new job (not quite my dream job, though!). I told him I would come back after work if he would hold them for me. I have no idea if I ever went back and bought them! But when I woke up the next morning, I knew what we were doing that day!

minion item list

This is what we went out to buy: Little Debbie Cloud Cakes (henceforth known as golden cream filled cakes, or “GCFC” because I’m an army wife and we talk in acronyms), Smarties, black cake icing, and… strawberry jam? Yup.

My Minions have a bit of what we call the “Chaos Twist”. If you’ve seen the second movie, you may already know where I’m going with the jam!

purple batter

My vanilla cake batter is dyed purple. To get this shade I added about 6 drops violet, 2 drops blue, and 1 drop red. This gave me a good purple color. Again, if you’ve seen the second movie, you probably see where I’m going with this. If you haven’t seen it then… um… *spoiler alert* !

minion insides

Anatomy of my Chaos Twisted Minion Cupcake, presented by the handsomely cute Chaos Hunter: GCFC Minion on top with his Smartie eyes/goggles and black cake icing accents (I used my own decorating bag and #2 tip for the accents). Blue buttercream frosting. Purple “Evil Minion” cupcake. JAM filling!

hunter eating minion

Chaos Kids Approved!

minion cupcakes

We made a whole little army of these fellas. Conquering Evil Minions, and looking adorable while they do it!

minion cupcakes2

minion cupcakes 3

We boxed them up and sent them off to our favorite gymnastics coaches at the local YMCA. I’ve been promising them cupcakes for months now, and these didn’t disappoint! They were quick to put together and looked super impressive. Also, the Chaos Twist made them slightly different from everything else that’s out there.

Maybe when actual Twinkies hit the stores, I’ll try my hand at making some Evil Minions!